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At the sight of the police antlers Spike ditched Xander, the green-skinned mute, and the spikey haired version of Claude Reins by hopping to the next rooftop. The last thing he needed was police trying to take him into custody for something he didn't do. Instead he moved down the next-door fire escape and dropped into the alleyway. He was deturmined to track the shadowy figure he'd seen with the girl. Spike pulled out his cell and dialed Angel.
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Angel heard is phone ring and let go of Dawn. Looking down at the caller ID he cursed and sighed.

"What it is Spike?" Angel grumbled as he answered the call.
"Nice to hear you're not dead in a ditch either, Peaches," he said sitting back on the fire escape he'd been perched on earlier, "Got an issue that might intrest you. I'm in Chi-town near a club called Plush an' somefin' funny's goin' down. Girl got shoved through a skylight--and our Odin wanna-be friend Harris is here 'investigating'."
Angel stood in the street on the phone with his back facing a huge neon sign reading "PLUSH"

"You're in Chicago?" Angel said annoyed almost ignoring that someone was in danger, "Are you just following me around? Where is this club."

Angel looked at the cop cars in the road and turned around to see the sign.

"I think I'm already there."
"Yeh, and I'm not followin' you, been here for almost three months already. Last I heard you were still in LA," Spike defeneded then craned his neck and moved down the street, "Great, you wanna handle this or you want me to help out?"