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Heat [4.17.07 - 6.50pm]
At the sight of the police antlers Spike ditched Xander, the green-skinned mute, and the spikey haired version of Claude Reins by hopping to the next rooftop. The last thing he needed was police trying to take him into custody for something he didn't do. Instead he moved down the next-door fire escape and dropped into the alleyway. He was deturmined to track the shadowy figure he'd seen with the girl. Spike pulled out his cell and dialed Angel.
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Touch Down [4.17.07 - 6.45pm]

Wash set Serenity down in a cornfeild on the boarder of Illionois and Indiana. He figured the open spance would be less dangerous than all those places that look more inhabitted. He leaped to his feet as soon as they touched ground, "Did you see all the lights and buildings as we touched down, this is amazing!"
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Madness... [4.15.07 - 6.55pm]

Blocking the doorway to the restroom, the door now locked he grinned at Claire, "Well Doc, it looks like we've got the place all to ourselves..."
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The Athorities Arrive [4.15.07 - 3.36pm]

After an akward car ride over to the club, Harry, Murphy and Dawn arrived at the scene. Police and paramedics where there and more police would be there shortly. Murphy went inside briefly to obtain temporary badges for Harry and Dawn.

Harry pulled his sore form out of the car with the use of his staff, and hobbled over to the front door of the club.

"Dawn," He said, "Stay by the car for a moment. Just want to poke my head in"     
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[4.12.07 - 3.21pm]

Darien looked between the guy with the eyepatch and the blonde. Aparently they knew each other. He eyed the girl with green screen and shook off the quicksilver, "Woah, woah, woah there... I don't think there's anything to get too crazy over here."
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[4.12.07 - 2.17pm]

There was a knock on the door outside the old boarding house where Harry lived. She paused feeling a little zap from the door as one of his wards didn't quite trigger "Dresden?"

She waited and didn't hear anything, "Harry? It's Murphy. Are you okay? You didn't answer your phone."

"And you don't have a freaking cell because you'll blow it up..." she finished under her breath.
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Pain in the Neck [4.4.07 - 2.48pm]

Angel left Harry Dresden's apartment with not exactly with what we traveled across the country to Chicago to get. Instead of getting something to hide Dawn from the demons, they got a necklace that was more of demon repelent. It made Angel's head hurt. It throbbed more the closer and longer he was around her. Which he knew he would be around her for a long time.

In his hand he looked at a bracelet Harry had given him to help blend in more and scare off the guys as much when Dawn was at the dance club. He read the inscription on it, "Be what she wants you to be." and had a strand of Dawn's hair tied around it. As much as he trusted Dresden, it didn't fill him with confidence. He put it in his pocket, figuring he'd try it on later.

"So, Dawn, Where you want to go?"
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Window to the World [4.4.07 - 2.41pm]

Kaylee left the engine room and spotted Jayne near a viewing window, and peared out her self.

"Haven't you seen anything so gorgeous? It's all shiny. All those little lights glowing and twinkling."
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[4.4.07 - 2.37pm]

"No real way of knowing, sir. Simplier, I would think." Zoe stated with a calmness that hid her reservations. "Never much of a history buff"

"Do we know when we are? Be good to know if us spacemen will need to fending off any cavemen, capt"
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a protection spell [4.4.07 - 1.12am]

Only because it's Angel.  That is the only reason I am doing this.  because I trust him.

So now we're on his private jet (when did that happen? Niiice.  Angel's got some money)

Headed to parts unknown.

After landing we drive.

"So?  We're off to see thw wizard?"  I grin at him
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Old Friend/Fiend [4.1.07 - 6.46pm]

Xander saw Spike hit the roof along with the witch. A bit stunned,

"Spike?? what are you doing here?"
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[4.1.07 - 5.13pm]

Jayne fumbled around in the kitchen eatting one of the fresh apples he'd picked up on Persephony. It was still in his mouth as he heard Wash over the intercom. His his head snapped up and slammed into the metal cabinate, "Hurf fat wuf?"

Stumbling back he rightened himself and scrambled to a viewing window, "We'll I'll be gorram humped."
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[4.1.07 - 4.49pm]

"Pretty thing isn't she?" Mal said his gaze lingering on the globe before looking at his second in command. "You know you've got a good point there. Can't enjoy the this much without bein' alive to do so. Just wanted a bit of time to enjoy the view. Don't you worry, I'll let Wash do the hard part."

"What do you figure life's like down there?"
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At the Captain's Side [4.1.07 - 6.29pm]

Zoe walks into the cockpit from behind Mal, "What's all this my husband is saying about Earth that was?"

She looked out the window and swore, stunned.

"Sir," Zoe stated calmly, "Being that there isn't any landing guides in the past do you think Wash should be flying. If we are going to relive the past, I'd like to live through the landing"
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Review of Character List & Players [3.30.07 - 9.52pm]

Spike ( Buffy the Vampire Slayer ) - BilliamthBloody
Drusilla ( Buffy the Vampire Slayer ) - Spoikespet
Lisa Reisert ( Red Eye ) - worry_time
Mal Reynolds ( Firefly ) - Spoikespet
Faith Lehane ( Buffy the Vampire Slayer ) - soulofaslayer
Buffy Summers ( Buffy the Vampire Slayer )- soulofaslayer
Darien Fawkes ( Invisibleman ) - silverfawkes
Elphaba Thropp ( Wicked, bookverse ) - think_epigrams
Ana Lucia Cortez ( Lost ) - toughas_nails
Xander Harris ( Buffy the Vampire Slayer ) - xander_fury
Kaylee Fry ( Firefly) - hallopino
Dawn Summers ( Buffy the Vampire Slayer ) - dirty_dawn
Angel/Angelus ( Buffy the Vampire Slayer ) -hallopino

Randoms: Thus far VO Wash BilliamthBloody
(Randoms usually played by hallopino and billiamthbloody)
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Considering the Possibilities [3.30.07 - 9.08pm]

Mal wandered up to the bridge and relieved Wash patting him on the shoulder and sending him off to fetch Zoe. He sunk into the pilot's seat and looked out into the black at the swirling healthy globe of Earth that was before them, "It's beautiful..." he whispered to himself.

He folded his arms and sat back, "EE-chee shung-hoo-shee. Can't believe there's no Alliance for... maybe forever."

A smile quirked his lips, "Could get used that idea."
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Figuring Out the Sitch [3.30.07 - 8.48pm]
Narrowing his eyes Spike got up from his seat on the metal mesh and went after the shadowed figure. He lept from the fire escape, his duster billowing after him and he hit the ground in a cat-crouch.

"Well, who are you now? Dropping pretty girls through windows--very suave, mate."
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Down the Rabbit Hole [3.30.07 - 8.36pm]

Darien looked up at the girl who seemed to be hyperventilating and when he looked back the pirate eye-patched guy was heading for the door.

"I'm not a-- doctor. Hmm, well curiouser and curiouser."

He quicksilvered and followed Xander up to the roof. Great... green skin, swarthy eye-patched guys, and kind of dead girls. What a great day.
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Up, Up and Twards [3.29.07 - 4.35pm]

Xander crawled over the top rung of the ladder and onto the roof of the club. He was tired and out of the breath.

"Oh come on, I'm not this out of shape." he grumbled aloud to him self, and he steddied him.

Xander looked up and saw a green faced woman, who with the broom and the skin and well everything was pretty much the personification of everything people thought of when they heard the word 'witch'. Willow would have a fit.

"Uh...hello?" Xander asked, "Demon lady?"
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Back to Work [3.29.07 - 3.07pm]

Kaylee gave a psudo serious face which did nothing to hold back her excitment.

"Yes Capt'n." Her smile shown through it, "and it's flux capasitor."

Kaylee bounded back to the engine so she could take a better anaylsis of the part so she would know what they needed to fix it. She let out a small sqee of excitment, and said to her self, "Earth-that-was! Oh, antique cars!"
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