hallopino (hallopino) wrote in call_this_land,

Pain in the Neck

Angel left Harry Dresden's apartment with not exactly with what we traveled across the country to Chicago to get. Instead of getting something to hide Dawn from the demons, they got a necklace that was more of demon repelent. It made Angel's head hurt. It throbbed more the closer and longer he was around her. Which he knew he would be around her for a long time.

In his hand he looked at a bracelet Harry had given him to help blend in more and scare off the guys as much when Dawn was at the dance club. He read the inscription on it, "Be what she wants you to be." and had a strand of Dawn's hair tied around it. As much as he trusted Dresden, it didn't fill him with confidence. He put it in his pocket, figuring he'd try it on later.

"So, Dawn, Where you want to go?"
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