billiamthbloody (billiamthbloody) wrote in call_this_land,

Touch Down

Wash set Serenity down in a cornfeild on the boarder of Illionois and Indiana. He figured the open spance would be less dangerous than all those places that look more inhabitted. He leaped to his feet as soon as they touched ground, "Did you see all the lights and buildings as we touched down, this is amazing!"
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Jayne hi-taled it to the cargo bay and started setting up to take the Mule out onto the land for exploring, "S'night time... think it's time to take Vera, you don't know what could sneek up at'cha in the dark."
"I'm about as excited as you Wash, c'mon, let's head to cargo and anyone up for a walk around is welcome. Hell even the Doctor and his sister can get some real air. Remember, weapons hidded and at a minium..."

He said as he headed toward the cargo hold, "Got that Jayne. Vera's not comin' a small side only for emergencies."
Zoe smiled as she came back to her husband, "See we all get out this time. No one looking for us. No Allience."
"Captain, not to be a trouble maker, but what do I do for parts. I can't buy anything with out money?"
"Paradise," Wash said with a giant grin but noted Kaylee's comment about money. "Ta ma de. Kaylee's got a good point there. Do we do some crime? I'd really hate to start out with crime when we got a decent pay from the last job we did."
"My man's right. We have a fresh start. We shouldn't mess it up off the bat. Besides we don't know the layout here. What do you think captain?"